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Honoring Our Vietnam Veterans

Welcome Home

Dear Vietnam Veteran,


               The American Legion Post 442, Winchester Veterans of Foreign Wars 11524, American Legion Post 442 Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, along with the Scott County Community wanted to take a moment to stop and recognize your service and sacrifice.  With Vietnam Veterans’ Day coming up, we could not think of a better time to give you the welcome home you deserved all those years ago. 

               Tonight, we wanted you to come with your family for us to show you and them our appreciation and admiration to what you have given our great nation and our community.  To the veterans and citizens who want to honor you tonight, you are the embodiment of everything that is great about our nation.  For you to have stood up and went to fight in an unpopular war, and to do so with honor and distinction, is something unfathomable to the post Gulf War and Global War on Terrorism Veterans who were thanked repeatedly.

               To the veterans who came after you, we inherited esprit de corps, military lineage, and a fighting spirit that has and will carry on long after all of us are gone.  The courage and honor which you fought with in Vietnam is the epitome of what the modern Soldier, Sailor, Marine, and Airmen has attempted to emulate in defense of our nation from Grenada through Iraq and Afghanistan and will carry on in the inevitable future wars and conflicts.

               We want you to know that we will always make sure our veterans get a “Welcome Home,” that the POW/MIAs will never be forgotten, you and your friends’ sacrifices are cherished by those of us who you protected, and the American Legion and VFW will always ensure that on each Memorial and Veterans Day we will think of you and your friends during our moments of silence.


Eternally Grateful,


Scott County

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